Banquet of the Divinity (Anatolian Breeze)

Tell me brother what can I offer you
A bit of sky
Or some calm, clean freshness from the Bosphorus
Or either some Black Sea breeze
Some Marmara
Some Archipelago

You have come a long way
It appears you are tired
Why not stretch
In this nomands tent
With all the stars watching you from above
Mountains over there love to race clouds
Would you try an Ararat sunset
Some Taurus drawn
Some Erciyes

I know you have seen a lots of chimneys
Chimney of a house
Chimney of a boat
Chimney of a factory
Have you ever seen a fair’s chimney
You know that it snows on water
But have you ever picked up cotton from that water in Pamukkale
Have you eaten trout in Saklıkent
Have you toasted for Zeus in Olimpus
Have thousands heard
Your roaring whisper
Would you like to habe some Aspendos
Some Pergamum
Some Ephesus

Have you ever seen Selimiye
Might of Süleymaniye reflecting on the Golden Horn
Have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of a ride on horse carriage
Listening in Scutari
To the call for prayers
By Hafız Sami in Beşiktaş
“Gone out in moonlight in Heybeli”
Have you ever recived “a beloved from the Islands”
Would you like to have some rakish songs
Some rowdy folk themes…

Have you ever visited Nightingale Mountains
With Virgin Mary
With love of God in your heart
Roses in your lap
Listened to Koran in Hırka-ı Şerif
Or Bible in Saint Sofia
In the church of Saint Antoine
Would you like to have some Seljukian modesty
Some Ottoman tolerance

With such large spirits
They loved this lovely world
Always for others
Without expecting anything in return
Would you like tol ive some Mevlana
Some Hadji Bektaş, some elderly Yunus
Have you ever viewed
Seventy two nations as one
Have all religions listened
To their secrets from you
Would you have some lyrics
From Yunus
Some Sacred Mesnevi…

Have you ever heard of the justice
Of Hızır Bey, Cadi of Galata
Have you ever had
Baptismal caldrons
Cleaned with rose water
So you know the “Baccarat Sura”
The Baccarat roses
The “Coranic Verse” of
No forcefullness in religion
Have you ever had a church built
For your Mother Sultan
Gone to morning prayer together
What I can offer you my wordly brother
Would you like to know us a bit
Would you like to join us..